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In Las Vegas, you can now officially buy recreational cannabis, though the journey was not so easy. Vegas just made the quickest change from legalization to sales in states which have approved recreational marijuana. This move was to increase Nevada’s potential tax revenues created by cannabis sales, although tensions over distribution right almost paralyzed the kickoff date.

Thanks to the forty five million tourists who visit Las Vegas from outside, some predict that Nevada will soon overtake Washington and Colorado (these are states where legalization has been the case for long) in sales. It is still imperative to keep in mind: Though it’s about Sin City we are discussing, there are still rules which govern the procedures. Weed remains illegal federally and this causes complications for those who look forward to enjoying a fresh outbreak.

Here is what you need to know:

How to Buy

Most brick and mortar dispensaries that previously sold medical marijuana require approval before embarking on sales of recreational cannabis. The Press made a report that seventeen stores have been approved already and that there could be more than 40 locations available to purchase marijuana. The dispensaries are not wasting a second too, as The Las Vegas Sun wrote that a minimum of 15 dispensaries will open soon.

People who are interested and are over 21 years old with valid identification can purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis and 1/8 ounce of concentrates or edibles.

Where to Consume

Residents of Nevada have been able to legally smoke in their private residents since 1st January. It will continue to be that way. However, it is essential to remember that lighting up in public is still illegal. That means there are no moving vehicles, casinos, hotels, or public places.

While the consumption of alcohol beverages outdoors in the strip is permitted depending on who you ask – technically it is illegal but not enforced generally – there’s no indication how weed will be handled. Generally, it is still a bad idea. The reason is not far-fetched – the consumption of weed publically can result in a $600 fine.

What is The Deal with Casinos and Hotels?

Casinos are mostly establishments full of vices. Clouds and Booze of smoke hang in the air. In spite of the recent amendments in state law, those clouds of smoke will still not be marijuana. That’s because hotels and casinos operate under the federal law and, in case you’ve forgotten, cannabis remains illegal federally.

This has led some to speculate on the popularity of edible products and tinctures, since tourists can consume those products discreetly without suffering the consequences. If you are new to these products, you should be cautious! Edibles may take up to 2 hours before kicking in. Do not be like Down Maureen.

This has led some to speculate on the popularity of tinctures and edible products, since tourists can discreetly consume these products without suffering consequences. If those products are new to you, be careful. Groceries may take up to two hours until they enter. Do not be like Maureen Dowd.

Where to Purchase

Stores will hold launch parties and the likes in honor of the legalization of recreational marijuana. Most of that information can be found on the stores’ social media pages and websites.

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