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In Michigan, medical cannabis is legal, thanks to MMMP. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) is a state registration program that applies the legal principles of the law, in such a way that it protects the public and ensures the confidentiality of its participants.

It has been approved by the majority of Michigan voters to protect those “with specific medical conditions from the sanctions established by state law so that they can use marijuana for medical purposes without fear of prosecution.”

Specifically, it means that “… the acquisition, possession, cultivation, manufacture, consumption, internal possession, delivery, transportation or transportation of marijuana or products related to the administration of marijuana …” are legal.

Before permitting patients to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, they must consult a doctor and be enrolled in the MMMP.

Requirements to Getting Weed

In Michigan, a qualifying patient is a person to whom a licensed physician has diagnosed a severe and restrictive illness. In 2013, the State counted a total of 1,457 doctors who provide written certifications to medical cannabis patients where they are qualified as eligible. Patients who meet the requirements receive a registered cannabis identification card. Without a card of this type, patients cannot get their medicine.

Patients who meet the required requirements are also allowed to have caregivers, who must be at least 21 years of age and have agreed to help patients with their cannabis use. They must not have a criminal record, and they must also be in possession of an MMMP card. Caregivers can provide the medicine to up to five patients each and can grow up to a maximum of 12 plants. They are authorized to possess up to 78 grams (2.5 ounces) of flowers (buds) for each patient.

Where to Purchase Weed

Although all dispensaries have to follow the same rules and regulations, each clearly offers its own unique products and services.

The Ann Arbor Wellness Collective offers services and consultations to registered patients and caregivers in Michigan. It is a non-profit organization, formed by private partners, that obtains medicine from different caregivers in the area. Your vision of how to give an excellent service: quality, compassion and sustainability. Becoming a member is free.

The clinic allows its patients one visit per day! Some travel from northern Michigan to Ann Arbor (a distance of 800 kilometers or more) to obtain their medicine. With a registered cannabis identification card, patients are allowed to have 2.5 oz (78 grams) of cannabis.

Products They Offer

Medicinal solutions, such as

Flowers (buds)




Balsams and ointments

The state of Michigan accepts registered ID cards from other states.

Although all this sounds quite honest, it was noticed that the participation rate in the MMMP program had fallen considerably during the year 2013, and the question is: why?

As usual, the problems are in the small details. The new laws; more restrictive that regulate this expanding industry, decisions and judicial proceedings, have all affected the medical cannabis outlets. The new laws and a crucial decision of the Supreme Court of Michigan came into force in 2013. The changes introduced are as follows:

The renewal period of the MMMP card has been reduced from 2 years to 1 year.

Medical cannabis must be inaccessible to the driver during transport.

Caregivers may not have been convicted of a felony in the last ten years.

Outdoor plants cannot be seen from an adjoining property when an individual is at ground level.

Plants can only be “grown within a fixed structure and closed on all sides …”

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