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Several states on the East Coast, including Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine, are looking to legalize recreational marijuana. It is quite possible that Connecticut will be joining that group very soon. According to polls, over 60% residents of Connecticut favor the legalization of marijuana. Some lawmakers have tried pushing the general assembly to raise bills to legalize cannabis. After passing the bills, a cannabis tax is sure to generate significant income for the state.

Medical cannabis has been legal since 2012 in Connecticut, and there’re currently nine medical dispensaries in the state. Please note that smoking weed in public is still illegal. The best advice we can offer tourists looking to participate in the marijuana culture is to be discrete.

Unfortunately, the use of recreational cannabis is still illegal, but it’s been decriminalized; this implies, no criminal record or prison time for 1st-time possession of small quantities. For instance, if you’re above 21 and caught with a maximum of half an ounce, you’ll get a civil penalty similar to a traffic violation.

Can non-residents of Connecticut get medical cards?

No, you can’t get a medical cannabis card if you’re not a resident of Connecticut and you’re receiving treatment by a state-licensed physician for a debilitating medical condition. Every patient must register at the Department of Consumer Protection.

Where to buy weed

Once you’ve got a medical cannabis card, you can go to any of Connecticut’s licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. The current statistic shows that over 11,000 patients are being serviced by the state’s 9 dispensaries.

Requirements to purchase weed in a cannabis shop

As at January 2016, you’ll need a medical card, which can be gotten from a state-licensed physician in Connecticut.

Types of weed sold in the stores

You’ll see many different flower strains that are categorized by their strains ranging from strong Sativas to strong Indicas and everything in between. Every strain has its own distinct effect, so ensure to ask the budtender to assist in choosing the best cannabis for you. Strong Sativas strains are well known for their energizing, high head effects, and general uplifting while Indicas are well known for their sedative effects and full body highs.

Also, dispensaries will sell other various types of weed products, such as:

  • Transdermal products: these are massage oils, lotions, creams and such infused with weed. These products aren’t psychoactive and won’t get you high.
  • Edibles: weed infused foods, drinks, or candies. Warning: they can be really powerful! Ensure that the serving size is checked before enjoying and note that the effects may take up to 1 hour before it starts to hit.
  • Concentrates: these are essential oils from the marijuana plant. Warning: they can be extremely potent.

The price of weed

The price of weed depends on quality and strain, but you can expect cannabis prices to be within the range of $10 to $30 for each gram.

How much weed can one possess?

Medical cannabis patients are permitted to possess a quantity of usable cannabis necessary to constitute enough supply to ensure uninterrupted availability for a 1 month period as prescribed by a physician.

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